August 30, 2010


its Malaysia's 53rd year of independence from being colonized. yayyy, its merdeka! celebration by the youngsters is differ nowadays. HAHA, its our community who shaped it. with concert and party-ing. nonsense! free sex available this merdeka eve. merdeka's babies process-ing will take place tonite at selected places around Malaysia. SYAITONNN! lots of babies will be abandon on May 2011 next year ! SYAITONNN! dont they know how to wear A CONDOM ?! SYAITONNN! common, its 53rd of independence. this is not our culture. gahh.
Happy Bufday MALAYSIA !
Merdeka !
Merdeka !
Merdeka !
Merdeka !
Merdeka !
* still blurr how we supposedly celebrate merdeka. its just a historic remarkable date. i dunno.


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HAHA, semangat berkobar-kobar ye Cik Cimi.