August 24, 2010


Wohohoo, rayaa cominggg!

While some people are humble perform terawikh, yet Im busy thinking of going back to Penang tomorrow. im hooky my law class on Thursday. duhh. HAHA, hampeh. PENANGG COME TO PAPA!

hoyyy3, Merbok shut down on 7th of Sept doe. There is no enough time for me to prepare well my stuff facing Syawal. Besides, what can I prepare here in merbok? Gahh. This the only week would be the right time for me to shop A BIT. Yeaa, A BIT; no doubt. Err, test HRM on Saturday? Im bring my note home for that, SETTLE. actually, it is not a list duhh. HAHHAA! The only thing I will only be looking for is a whitty jeans !

yihakkk, I'm gonna walk outta here into the street. Would u put up resistance? Would it make a difference? Would u know the real me? Me and my new white jeans. AHHAAHAAA! This the only thing i indeed need for this coming raya. Besides my baju melayu lol. yeaa, hijau tahun ni.

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SYAHIRAN said...

~ act susa nk carik . did u get that ?? beli kt mane ??