June 06, 2014

Malaysian Smartphone Addiction

Smartphone had become one of the most important tools like any others such as wallet and home's key. Smartphone love has swept the world by 'sexting' over the phone had become trend for the youngster who practicing open sex nowadays. A social problem like this occurs to most countries which sex is a taboo among their community, especially Asian countries. Therefore, US falls behind many other nations with only 25% have sent sexually explicit texts or content. A sex education at young ages is one of the factor why US is more civilised in practicing open sex as they already been introduced at an early ages. 

In Malaysia, according to the study, smartphone penetration increased from 47% in 2012 to 63% this year while tablet penetration increased almost threefold from 14% in 2012 to 39% in 2013. The study is based on an online survey which queried 500 urban users who use the Internet daily, and are aged between 16 and 60. Besides voice calls and SMS, the need to connect to the Internet is one of the key drivers for buying a smartphone.

A trends by having a smartphone is only for the purpose of communication only, it also will symbolised as a social status among their friends. It will cause stress among the teenagers or youngster nowadays if their parents not giving them a smartphone. The penetration of the social network becoming wider with Facebook, Twitter and others social platform becoming trending and popular. Malaysia urban society may overlook this as a normal society progress of developing country or civilisation. But instead the addiction and too much depending on smartphone had caused lots of negative impact among the society and family especially. 

There is a case in Miri, Sarawak, where a son had murdered his mom for not allowing him having a new smartphone. This happened when the youngster's trend had set a benchmark for everyone to have a smartphone, and those who not having may become deviance and weird among the society. The 18 years old suspect found with a knife which believed to be the murder weapon for stabbing his mom. This example of phenomenon showed us that this addiction have become danger.

By having a smartphone also had isolate ourself from the social integration in real life. Where our social life might only by posting picture through Instagram and posting status through Facebook only. This had created a dull and unhealthy dinner table ambiance among family at the dinner table, where the children and both parents busy with their smartphone while waiting for the food to be served. Theres is no contact orally that can create a long conversation of the family.

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