December 03, 2010

A Moment To Remember

A place we go
to let us know
that our love is always true
and that we will never be blue.

A memory on the edge of time
A place where we are so sublime,
A distant dream on a midnights eve
somewhere far from acknowledged leaves.

A time in which we fell deeper in love
just like to turtle doves.
We sang our songs and gave our token
to remember one single moment.

uwaaaa, thanx yan sebab ajar macam mana nak buar blockquote ni. uwaaaa, jadik laa! bessnyeeee! thanksss. nak tutorial? klik sini okeh.


Puteri Iqa Izyan said...

hahaha.nak jugak pgl yan.
welkam2 :D

tahniah dah jadi. lawa! :D

najihah sahami said...

wa.cantekk background blockquotes!

Siti Mashitah Saidin said...

ingat kan cita korea tadi.. sbb ada cita korea, tajuk 'a moment to remember' hihihi

A.D.A.M. said...

love poem. ^^

Eman said...

yan ;
thnks en yan. heeee, tetap nk pnggil yan jugak!!

Eman said...

Mish ;
heee. google jek background tu mish. hehhee, lawa lawa oww dpt dr incik google.

Eman said...

Siti Mashitah Saidin ;
lama lol tk layan cte korea. daa ilang interest lak. haihhhh.
rindu zaman skolah dedulu.

Eman said...

A.D.A.M. ;
kadang kadang melayan gak.